A panacea and a poison


First clinical use of glucocorticoids.

23 days later

First report of toxicity described.


Glucocorticoid Toxicity Index introduced.

Individuals with inflammatory diseases have been fighting a two-front battle with steroids for more than 70 years. The very drug that treats their disease in the short term can do irreversible harm over time. The discovery of glucocorticoids was indeed a Nobel Prize winning medical breakthrough in the middle of the last century, but physicians and patients desperately need steroid-sparing alternatives today.


The Steritas GTI is the instrument that investigators need to help quantify the safety and efficacy of new steroid-sparing drugs.

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It’s time steroid-toxicity is measured and monitored.

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The true cost of steroids


At first glance, steroids appear less costly than other inflammatory disease medications, but studies continue to reveal that the true cost of steroid use is high. In a study of patients with a range of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, taking glucocorticoids in high doses or for longer than 60 days, about 40% of their medical costs were associated with adverse effects whereas only about 25% of their costs were disease related.1


A second study of systemic lupus erythematosus patients reported that, compared to low-dose glucocorticoid users, high-dose glucocorticoid users were 30% more likely to have emergency room visits, 80% more likely to be hospitalized, and incurred about three times greater average annual total healthcare costs.2


The Steritas GTI empowers clinical investigators to quantify and mitigate the medical impact of steroid-toxicity on patients, which reduces healthcare costs.

"Cost of steroid-toxicity" infographic


“Tracking steroid-toxicity is critically important to improving the standard of care and reducing healthcare burden.”

John H. Stone, MD MPH

Could the Steritas GTI be a useful efficacy and safety outcome measure in your next clinical trial?
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