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Practitioners can monitor steroid-toxicity in the background

Practicing physicians have grappled with steroids for decades. In recent years, an explosion of innovative strategies aimed at tapering or even eliminating steroids for immune-mediated inflammatory diseases has offered an array of alternative treatments. Therapeutic pipelines are full of exciting biologics, targeted agents and treatment strategies ready for clinical development.

Essential to adoption of new and approved treatments to help the largest numbers of patients is the ability to equip clinicians to monitor for emerging steroid-toxicity.  The core of the Steritas mission is to offer the same scientifically rigorous clinical outcome assessments (COAs) deployed in research, for use in routine clinical settings. Using data routinely collected in the clinic, the GTI-MD can be integrated into electronic medical record (EMR) systems, and equip doctors to detect emerging steroid-toxicity before it is clinically evident in their patients.  The GTI-MD works in the background and alerts the physician only when steroid- toxicity rises to a dangerous level. Validated steroid-toxicity scores can support prior authorization of steroid alternatives that are critical to patient well-being. 

The STOX Suite: a range of COAs to suit varying needs

Whether the end-goal is to improve clinical outcomes assessment in routine practice or to strengthen the evidence gathered in prospective studies and clinical trials, the STOX® Suite, our collection of clinical outcome assessment (COA), can help you improve the accuracy, reproducibility and efficiency of steroid-toxicity assessment.

  • The GTI: calculates change scores across nine health domains in adults
  • The GTI-MD: quantifies change across four metabolic domains
  • The pGTI: captures the change scores in nine health domains in children 

The STOX Suite is the first collection of validated clinical outcome assessments (COAs) of steroid-toxicity. Each COA can be licensed alone or as a bundle for both retrospective and prospective applications. These applications include:

  • Clinical trials
  • Academic studies
  • Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)
  • Real-world experiences
  • Clinical practice


The STOX Suite (GTI, pGTI and GTI-MD) has been licensed in 25+ disease indications, across 1100 sites in 80 countries across the world.


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