can now be measured
in the clinic.

It’s time clinicians in practice were equipped with a standardized measure of steroid-toxicity.

If you ask the doctor and patient what they want most of all, their unanimous answer will be, "not to have to use steroids."


For more than 70 years glucocorticoids have been both poison and panacea - with patients knowing the very drugs treating their conditions are also doing long-term damage.


While there are improved dosing regimens and an increasing number of steroid-sparing drugs and biologics, until now clinicians have been without a standardized measure to track the impacts of steroid-toxicity.


In the value-based care environment, the Steritas GTI provides a longitudinal and quantitative assessment of steroid-toxicity. The GTI measures toxicity in steroid-dependent patients so physicians can be vigilant in preventing treatment induced harm.


The GTI can:

  • Detect even subtle changes in toxicity between clinic visits.
  • Alert a provider to toxicity in specific health domains e.g. GTI blood pressure scores and bone mineral density scores that may indicate an increased risk of stroke or fracture.

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