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At Steritas, we understand the devastating impact that steroid treatment can have on patients around the world. 


Tracking steroid-toxicity with the STOXTM Suite of clinical outcome assessments provides clinicians with the means to taper steroid usage, optimize treatment and improve outcomes for patients.


Our expanding suite of clinical outcome assessments is driving the development of new steroid-sparing therapies through their use in clinical trials. To date, the suite has been used in over 80 clinical trials around the world.  

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A worldwide steroid taper

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To shift steroid prescribing patterns for the benefit of patients, by measuring steroid-toxicity in research and in practice.


At long last, steroid-toxicity is being measured, monitored and mitigated

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We are clinical investigators improving clinical investigation


One of the goals of developing new steroid-sparing therapies for inflammatory disease is to minimize glucocorticoid-induced side-effects. Critical to the success of clinical studies is the ability to accurately measure both the magnitude of steroid-toxicity and the degree of change in patients on different therapeutic protocols.


The Steritas GTI was developed by an international group of 20 clinical investigators to address this unmet need. Their combined expertise in inflammatory diseases encompassed rheumatology, pulmonary medicine, nephrology, neurology, psychiatry, dermatology, ophthalmology, pharmacology, maternal-fetal medicine, and infectious disease. The GTI was developed using data-driven analysis, expert consensus, and multi-criteria decision informatics.

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ACR Convergence. November 10-15, 2023

John H. Stone, MD MPH and team will present exciting early results from a study assessing longitudinal steroid-toxicity as measured by the GTI.

IgG4ward Launch Event at ACR Convergence

IgG4ward is dedicated to IgG4-RD advocacy, research and support. Its founder, John H. Stone, MD MPH will attend the launch event.