steroid-toxicity using the STOX Digital Platform

The STOX Digital Platform


The STOX® Digital Platform houses the proprietary algorithms to calculate scores for all clinical outcome assessments in the STOX Suite: 

  • The GTI: calculates change scores across nine health domains in adults
  • The GTI-MD: quantifies change across four metabolic domains in claims and EMR data
  • The pGTI: captures the change scores in nine health domains in children 

Secure access to the STOX Digital Platform is included in each license agreement and the platform delivers certified results via web application for bulk data uploading, API, and digital libraries via cloud and on-premise hosting options.

Steritas built its new platform in response to market demand for lightweight integrations that deliver speed, accuracy and data security.  The result is a robust and dependable platform that supports:

  • Pharmaceutical and biotech trial teams
  • Academic investigators
  • Clinical researchers
  • Health economics and outcomes researchers (HEORs) and health systems that investigate claims databases

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