Measure steroid-toxicity using the STOX Suite

The STOX Suite

The first validated clinical outcome assessments of steroid-toxicity in children and adults

At Steritas we believe that the way to shift steroid prescribing patterns and drive the development of steroid-sparing alternatives is to enable direct measurement of steroid-toxicity in research and at the point of care — for the well-being of patients.

The STOX® Suite of clinical outcome assessments (COAs) was developed to make this possible.

First-in-class digital instruments validated to quantify steroid-toxicity

Since the introduction of the Steritas Glucocorticoid Toxicity Index (GTI) in 2017, there has been a marked surge in the number of clinicians and clinical researchers licensing our growing suite of steroid-toxicity COAs.
The STOX Suite includes:
Steritas GTI Steritas pGTI Steritas GTI-MD
These instruments provide weighted outcome scores of steroid-toxicity that enable clinicians and regulators to evaluate the impact of steroid-sparing treatments. They are fast, accurate and easy to implement.

Get steroid-toxicity reduction in the label

The instruments that form the STOX Suite have found use in:


  • Clinical Trials: to demonstrate the steroid-sparing benefits of new drugs and treatment protocols.
  • Population Studies: to deliver actionable insights found in healthcare and payer datasets.
  • Point of Care Assessments: to enable early detection of steroid-toxicity that prevents lasting damage to patients and reduces chronic cost to health systems.
  • Patient Engagement: to equip patients with ways to engage in steroid-related healthcare decisions that affect their wellbeing.

The GTI, its pediatric sibling the pGTI, and the point-of-care friendly GTI-MD provide a systematic approach to assessing steroid-toxicity, and have now been used in more than 25 disease indications, across more than 1000 sites in 80 countries.

STOX Suite licenses are tailored to the design of your clinical trial.

We welcome your interest in the STOX Suite of steroid-toxicity outcome assessment instruments. All uses of these instruments require a license, whether you are an academic researcher, biotech start-up, a large pharmaceutical company, or a clinical research organization.


As part of each use license, statisticians and data managers access certified scores via the STOX digital platform, an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 enabled software stack classified as a medical device (SaMD).


Steritas will structure a use license to support the scope and design of your trial and the needs of your organization.


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Steroid-toxicity measurement in clinical trials

Steroid-toxicity is being measured in a growing list of clinical trials for inflammatory disease drug candidates.

In response to substantial investment in research and digitization of its COAs, Steritas has seen a surge in licensing and deployment of the STOX Suite. This reflects the growing recognition of the importance of measuring and monitoring steroid-toxicity in pharmaceutical research and clinical practice respectively.


The STOX Suite has now been used in over 80 clinical trials and in 1000 sites, underlining the growing impact that quantitative steroid-toxicity assessment is having on clinical development in inflammatory diseases.

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