50 million people1

1% of the world's adult population is taking long-term glucocorticoids.

Top 10 most prescribed2

Oral steroids are in the top 10 most prescribed medications in the United States.

40% more cost3

Steroid-toxicity is linked to 40% of cost of healthcare for patients on glucocorticoids.

Glucocorticoids are overused and toxic: The Great Taper is on

For over 75 years, the world has been hooked on steroids as the first-line treatment for a wide range of conditions caused by inflammation. More than 50 million people (1% of the world’s adult population) take steroids long-term, and it is now clear that the burdens of steroid-toxicity outweigh many of their beneficial effects over time.  

The medical community agrees: now is the time to taper steroids and seek steroid-sparing alternatives. At Steritas, our mission is to alter steroid prescribing patterns through a public health initiative we call The Great Taper. The suite of tools we have developed to measure steroid-toxicity is a game-changer in this global effort.

STOX Suite adopted globally to counter the hidden epidemic of steroid-toxicity


The STOX Suite

The first validated Clinical Outcome Assessments to measure steroid-toxicity

Our growing suite of tools is designed for use in:

  • Clinical research for the development of new steroid-sparing drugs and treatment protocols.
  • Health and economics outcomes research (HEOR) for the discovery of steroid-toxicity and hidden costs found in large datasets.
  • Routine practice to monitor emerging steroid-toxicity in clinic patients.
  • Direct-to-patient applications that help patients collaborate in their treatment.


The STOX® Suite provides a systematic approach to assess steroid-toxicity, comprising:

  • The GTI: calculates change scores across nine health domains in adults
  • The GTI-MD: quantifies change across four metabolic domains in claims and EMR data
  • The pGTI: captures the change scores in nine health domains in children 


These instruments have now been used in more than 25 disease indications across more than 1100 sites in 80 countries.

Find the right efficacy and safety outcome measure for your clinical trial or practice

STOX Suite


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